Cacharel / 卡夏尔

Cacharel, named after a rare bird of endangered species surviving at a specific region in France, was founded in 1962 by Jean Bousquet who is currently the President of the Company. With its unavoidable rise beginning in mid-1960s, the Cacharel brand initiated a revolution in fashion with both its designs and its immense innovations in the fashion world. Before Cacharel, the preference of big fashion houses was for "haute couture", meaning tailored designs, contrary to ready-to-wear. Access of bigger masses of people to luxury and attractive clothing on the other hand, was made possible with the innovative ideas of Cacharel.

Cacharel style is clearly distinguished. Its line does not change quickly on the basis of daily trends. Its style is affected by daily trends in small details. But Cacharel is not conservative either. Quality is its indispensable priority.