The EASY HUMMUS concept introduces modern Israel - dynamic, unexpected, daring. Сombination of flavors and large Middle Eastern portions - all this will allow you to get acquainted with a country famous for its hospitality, cheerful disposition and love to eat deliciously and satisfaction by meal! EASY HUMMUS always has a large assortment of hummus: with pine nuts, a classic that guests love and is in great demand, with chicken, fried champignons, matbuha (this is a fragrant sauce of peppers, tomatoes, spices, simmered for 4 hours over low heat, thanks to which acquires a unique taste and serves as an excellent addition to dishes). Unusual and delicious beet hummus. Bright color of the food and freshness will chear you up for all…

A special pride is the falafel and shwarma on the plate. A large number of vegetables, home-made Israeli pickles complements your favorite dishes. You will definitely not stay hungry!

Easy Hummus is Israeli street food for every day! You can always choose something to your taste: fiery shakshuka, spicy falafel, huge schwarma, hummus with various fillings, delicious schnitzel, the most tender lamb with ptitim and other hits on your table!