Luisa Spagnoli

Luisa Spagnoli is a premium brand well known all over the world. For decades, Luisa Spagnoli has produced clothes for a confident, feminine woman, whose elegance is both modern and sophisticated a style that is beloved by women of all ages, based on quality tailoring and must-have pieces. Besides the highest quality and natural fabrics, Luisa Spagnoli clothes are comfortable fit and have wide size range: from 40 to 52. You can find in the boutique all you need from business suits, blouses, dresses, jeans and trousers, fashionable outerwear, to large selection of evening dress and suits, made from Italian silk and lace, accessories for special occasions. Pullovers, cardigans and tunics made from 100% wool for winter, and cotton and linen for summer. With Luisa Spagnoli everyone can create his own unique style.