Pompa is a Russian fashion brand of women's clothes and coats. For over a quarter of a century Pompa has been producing beautiful and comfortable clothes. Clothes that make you feel cozy in a highly variable Russian climate.

25 years on the market
40 regions
60 stores
3 production sites

Pompa clothes are distinguished by an impeccable fit, classical proportions and feminine silhouettes. Collections combine world fashion trends and well-established style solutions that go beyond fleeting trends.

The company's experts experiment with the newest materials and tech-nologies, creating unique coats from the most luxurious and delicate fabrics: fine wools, cashmere, alpaca, which, thanks to a unique membrane and the thinnest weightless insulation, acquire the qualities of modern
sportswear: they protect from the wind and keep the heat to -20°С!

Pompa is the only manufacturer of a coat with MEMBRANE
Pompa is the only manufacturer of a coat with HEATING

Coat collection
Pompa - regular collection
ICoat-city coats in a casual style
VLR-limited premium collection
More than 280 models of coats made from high-quality fabrics per year.

More than 600 models of the light clothing (jackets, trousers,skirts, blouses, dresses) that embodykey fashion trends per year. Updating of style solutions and colour combinations in stores 2 times a month.

  • creative and modern design
  • trendy colours, prints and textures
  • combinatorics of collections - the ability to create a single image: from blouse to coat
  • careful selection of fabrics from the best world manufacturers
  • perfect fit for all sizes

In 2019 the brand POMPA was awarded and got the certificate by The International Apparel Federation (IAF) and Trigon Select London and was included in International society of suppliers with high quality standarts of production.